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This work is on the BETWEEN THE ECHOES album alongside other exciting contemporary works.

PARMA gave me a nice review:
“Elsewhere, tradition is gleefully thrown to the wind—such as with Lee’s stunning Farewell… for string quartet, with its ever-shifting rhythms, timbres, and moods.”
Got a pretty critical review from, but both were constructive. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to message me. Would like to hear your thoughts.

There is an earlier version of this work that can be found on youtube:

If you’re interested and/or have time:
Here’s a link to the album’s catalog page, the Soundcloud promotional track:…/september-releases-ou…

Here’s a Spotify playlist which includes BETWEEN THE ECHOES.…/…/playlist/5KIjL6zl4Ehm8tGtUQwYLH





Below is a link to the Naxos New Release Guide for September. BETWEEN THE ECHOES is on Page 59: