My recent music has been described as being, “madcap, lyrical, dramatic, meditative, tonal, and atonal,” some of these words being incongruous with the other. It has always been somewhat of a challenge for me to put one or two labels on what my compositions “sound like”, many times being that I try, I attempt to make the next work a “journey of it’s own”, many times focusing on techniques and “pitches” not used in my prior works. I recently had my challenging choral work Come What May commissioned/premiered by Harold Rosenbaum and the New York Virtuoso Singers, and here’s what TheatreScene thought about it: “The last piece of the evening was Come What May with music and lyrics by Michael Lee…This three-section piece was the concert’s most structurally complex work: the exceptionally technically demanding work begins with a fast dance-like movement, is centered by a rhythmically looser section, and concludes with a darker, more abstract movement that refers back to the opening speedy sophistication with intimate, lyrical hopefulness.”

Listen to Come What May below, performed by the NYVS in 2017.

Chamber Compositions

Orchestra & Large Ensemble

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Michael Lee’s “Farewell…” is recorded by members of the Moravian Philharmonic: Vit Muzik (vln.), Igor Kopyt (vln.), Dominika Mužíková (vla.), Petr Nouzovský (vlc.)

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Review for “Between the Echoes”:

“…tradition is gleefully thrown to the wind – such as with Lee’s stunning ‘Farewell… for String Quartet’, with its ever-shifting rhythms, timbres, and moods… It’s a wonderfully rich and diverse collection of tracks that beautifully highlight why chamber music is still very much alive and the selection here perfectly showcases the genre’s traditional and modern styles.”
– Review Graveyard

Ablaze Millenial Masters vol. 2

Ablaze Records’ “Millenial Masters, vol. 2” features Lee’s Capriccio, for violin and piano, A Voice in the Waves performed by Jiwon Evelyn Kwark (vln.) and HaEun Lee (pno.)

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Review for Ablaze records’ “Millenial Masters vol. 2”:

“…writes in a lightly dissonant, fairly tuneful American style, somewhere between neo-Romantic and neo-Classical. It should appeal to most tastes.”
MusicWeb International